About Us

SoundWell Speech and Hearing Clinic

SoundWell speech and Hearing Clinic was co-founded by a group of Audiologist and Speech Language pathologist.

SOUND WELL Speech and Hearing Clinic is an exclusive clinic catering to your communication needs. At Sound Well Speech and Hearing Clinic we identify, evaluate and provide treatment for children and adults with speech , language and hearing disorders.We are dealers of HEARING AIDS of top brands.

Our Clinic is fully equipped for diagnosis and (Re)Habillitation of hearing loss and various speech and language disorders. Our audiologists utilize tests such OAEs, ABR, Impedance Audiometry. Pure tone Audiometry , Sound Field Audiometry testing to diagnose various types of hearing loss from new born babies to senior citizens.

Soundwell is a multi brand hearing aid clinic. We believe that every individuals has unique hearing requirements there is no uniform fix. Hearing Aid trial is given to assess benefit and suitability of the hearing aid before dispensing it. For individuals with severe to profound loss who donot benefit from Hearing Aids Cochlear Implant candidacy evaluations are be done and recommendations are made.

Our Speech Language Pathologist Treat Children And Adults With

  • Language delay in typically developing chidren, children with Autism , ADHD etc.

  • Misarticulations.

  • Stammering.

  • Voice Problems.

  • Hearing Impairment.

  • Neurological Communication Disorders post Stroke, Brain Trauma, Dementia, Parkison’s disease, etc.

  • Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorder).

Group language sessions are also carried out for children to enhance peer communication. 

Our Team conducts workshops for parents, communities for Awareness and are part to Medical camps. 

We are committed at providing quality services as we believe that there is “Lots to hear and more to speak!!!”.

Our Team

Ms Purva Karandikar

MASLP from TNMC, B.Y.L Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai

Ms Bijal Rana

MASLP from TNMC, B.Y.L Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai

 Mr. Yajnadatta Samal

 MASLP from I.H.S, Bhubneswar

Miss Pooja